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Girl Cooking

Shop ready-to-cook kits
from food creators

Cookbook's chefs do all the prep work, like peeling, chopping & marinating, so you can cook a fresh homemade meal in just 15 minutes.

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Cookbook is for Creators

Cookbook creates a new way for creators to monetize their content by making it easy for them to launch ready-to-cook kits they swear by.


  • Easy-to-follow recipes with clear nutritional info

  • Pre-portioned ingredients straight from the farm

  • Convenient meal kits that fit perfectly in the fridge

  • A fun cooking experience that makes you feel unstoppable.

Cooking Girl

How it works

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1. Pick Your Meals

Choose your meals from our diverse weekly menu. Find gluten or dairy free, low carb & veggie options.

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2. We do the work

Our team of chefs do the prep work -- no more chopping, measuring, or sink full of dishes!

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3. Receive your box

Your freshly prepped 15-min dinner kits arrive on your doorstep in a refrigerated box.

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4. Dinner in 15-min!

Cookbook makes cooking fast, so you have more time to unwind and be with family.